Monday, March 28, 2011

Glorious Greens

I had the pleasure of a leisurely lunch with friends at Greens Restaurant this past Saturday. I love this vegetarian restaurant - from its spot right on the water (the views can't be beat on a clear day) to its delicious food. Speaking of which....

I started with the warm spinach salad (sans cheese). You know I love my greens, and you know they're going to be good at the restaurant of the same name! Most of the varieties of greens at Greens come from Green Gulch and they are some of the best around. This salad is made even tastier with a drizzle of hot olive which slightly wilts the tender leaves. Simple pure goodness.

For my main dish, I had a favorite of mine, the Mesquite-grilled brochettes. I love the fluffy bed of quinoa studded with currants and almonds, and the sauce is flavorful yet understated enough to allow the veggies to shine. Oh, and they're even better than the last time I had them since Greens is now using Hodo Soy tofu. Good stuff!

Just because they were pretty and my husband raved about them, those are the Bengali Potato Cakes. I was too full/slow (they went fast!) to try them, but word is they rule. :)

There seems to be a misconception that Greens isn't particularly vegan-friendly, and that was maybe true years ago. But now? Almost everything is vegan or can be made so, and they always have at least 2 vegan dessert options too (not even counting the vegan cookies you can get on your way out from Greens-to-Go). I look forward to going back to this San Francisco gem soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned for some new-to-me places in the near future... and don't forget to check out Vegan Favorites for your daily dose of all things vegan. Have a great week everyone!


Ben said...

There are several vegetarian restaurants down here in Mexico City that I want to try. Just out of curiosity :-p

Mia V said...

warm olive oil on spinach hmm.... will have to try that out tonight as I continue on my salad dressing experiments.

Sky said...

Yes! You will love it. Warm olive oil, a little lemon, salt and pepper. It's all you need!