Monday, March 21, 2011

Mas Sake

I must admit I was skeptical of Mas Sake at first, what with their promise of Japanese Mexican fusion food. But I'm here to tell ya it works. Mainly because the intermingling of the two is very minimal. For example we started with some really good guacamole:

So, yeah, it was really dark and red in there so all these pictures are gonna suck. But you get the idea. What is impressive is that they hand-make their tortillas every day, and you can really taste the difference. These chips were thick and crispy, and the guac was fresh and flavorful. We also had some edamame to start. Because Japanese AND Mexican, y'all!

There are a few vegan rolls on the menu, and this here is the Super Veggie. It's filled with all sorts of veggies and sprouts and was damn fine eats. I got the grilled vegetable salad too:

I really liked this dish as the veggies were cooked perfectly, and the sesame marinade has lots of good umami flavor. That's all I got pictures of (and really, do you need to see any more of these horrible pictures?) but we also had some other rolls. Next time I want to try the tofu tacos (not on the menu, but we were assured they are an option) since the Mexican food we ate was more impressive than the Japanese.

I overheard the waitress explaining that the fusion aspect can be seen in the jalapeno that pops up in your sushi or in the seaweed that might be in your taco, but really the cuisines are pretty distinct and there is no mind-blowing new food happening here. It's good food in my 'hood though, and the atmosphere would be fun for groups, so I might be back....

Up next: Some more veggie sushi at a place that's been on my list for a while. Have a great week everyone!


Sarah said...

Have you been to Sushirrito? They only have one vegan roll, but it is the bomb! I think that is a more well integrated, mexican-japanese fusion, though definitely more on the japanese side.

Sky said...

Sushirrito is taking over - everyone is talking about it! I ask you this: Is the nori taste pronounced? I have avoided it because I think all that nori would turn me off (NOT a seaweed lover) but maybe the rest of the flavors mask it well? I mean I can handle veggie sushi so maybe I'm being dumb?

Sarah said...

Well I happen to love nori, so maybe I am biased, but I don't think the nori taste is any more prevalent than in a regular sushi roll. They pack a lot of ingredients into those puppies, so the rice/veggie/seaweed ratio is more or less the same, the whole thing is just bigger. Plus they put this scrumptious shitake soy sauce in it. Mmmmmm....sushirrito.

Sky said...

Ok I'll have to try it. There is just way too much good food in this town!