Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frozen Soy Goodness

I've been trying to keep it to myself out of respect for my freezing cold East Coast pals, but I can hold it in no longer.... SF is having a full on heat wave full of 65-70 degree temps and cloudless days. It's amazing! In fact there's no rain in the forecast until the first week of February! Sorry to all my cold friends out there. When you're enjoying summer and we're all fogged in, feel free to rub it in my face. Meanwhile, let me tell you how the husband and I took a stroll (with NO JACKETS!) and enjoyed some frozen yogurt on Sunday. It was glorious. And the fro-yo of choice? Well, Fraiche of course!

How lucky are we that the only place with an organic soy variety of this frozen delight is within walking distance of our apartment? Very lucky. As you can see, I topped mine with strawberries and chocolate and he got almonds and pomegranate seeds. The toppings at Fraiche rule! And the yogurt itself is light and tangy and wonderful. It's no secret that Fraiche's soy yogurt one of my favorite foods in SF and, warm weather or not, I will be back. You should go too!

Time for a brief EWWO break, but don't forget you can find me blogging away over at Vegan Favorites. See you there...


bjorkedoff said...

OMG.melisser and i went to fraiche in early 2009 and i was SOOO in love.omgomgomg.i blogged about it back then too.so jeals.

Sky said...

yeah it really is the best. i wish they had more flavors but the plain soy is soooooooo yummy. finally one thing san francisco has that new york doesn't! :)