Monday, February 22, 2010

I Scream for More Ice Cream!

As promised, my search for the perfect sugar-free and vegan ice cream continues. Recently, I tried some pretty decent stuff from a funnily-named company, NadaMoo!. This is a coconut milk based ice cream, and they use a combination of rice syrup and agave to sweeten things up. As you can see above, I tried their "Gotta Do Chocolate" and "Lotta Mint Chip" flavors. Here's the inside scoop (pun totally and cheesily intended):

The chocolate was just eh. Kinda chalky flavor - not as deep and rich as I like it. The mint, on the other hand was amazing. Just like the mint chocolate chip ice cream of my youth. Seriously, it was delicious and refreshingly minty. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. One caveat though: It's not entirely sugar-free. You see, the little chocolate chips flecked throughout are made with real sugar. Do I wish they used agave-sweetened chocolate? Hell yeah. Will I let that little bit of sugar stop me from getting more? No way. After all, I still drink kombucha, and that stuff is fermented using sugar. (Speaking of which, if anyone knows where to get good agave-brewed kombucha, hit me up!)

I think my ice cream testing has come to an end for now, mainly because my jeans are getting tight over here. The NadaMoo! mint is my favorite, though I think the best sugar-free ice cream overall is my old pal Purely Decadent Coconut Milk ice cream. Not all the flavors are sugar-free, but the vanilla sure is. Plus, it's divine, and can be used as a base to mix in anything you like (I like a combo of peanut butter, pretzels, and Uli Mana's truffle butter....yeah, it's ridiculously good).

Okay, it's Monday and I've got a real job, so I'm off. I'll tell the tale of this past weekend's eats pretty soon. Until then, have a great week everyone!

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