Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Weekend's Eats

As I've said, I was in Tahoe last weekend and it was wonderful. There wasn't any dining out, but I did use the time wisely and tested out a new (to me) product. Introducing Match Meats' "Italian Sausage".I've tried the Match "crab" before and used it to make their own crab cake recipe. That shizzle was amazingly good, and I'm not sure why I didn't blog it. Probably because we ate them all before I could take a picture. Next time.... Anway, this product comes in a flat tray like ground meat so I could have made links or patties or whatever, but I opted to make meat balls for pasta, a.k.a the perfect post-snow dinner. The sausage flavor was really authentic and delicious. In case you're wondering, I used my favorite Rao's sauce, and added in a big bunch of fresh spinach at the end. I just wish Match products would be picked up by stores near me so I can stop ordering it online!

I should also mention that before we left town last Friday, I stopped in a neighborhood cafe by my house for an early dinner. Jovino is a cute place with a few vegan options, like this Mediterranean platter:

Hummus, babaganoush, ezme, tabouleh, and some olives come served up with pita (don't have them warm it up though - it will go right on the flat top with the meat!) and make for a great light meal. I also got a salad of organic greens. Good place to pop in for a meal if you're in the hood.

This weekend is proving to be full of good eats, including a hands-on party with a personal chef, and a return to an old favorite. I may even get around to telling you all about the one food I can't seem to live without these days. Stay tuned!

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