Friday, February 12, 2010

Bake Sale!

I just finished baking some amazing white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies for tomorrow's SF Vegan Bake Sale. Don't they look yummy? It's because they are!

I was feeling particularly awesome, so I also made a tweaked (read: MUCH better) version of the sugar-free chocolate chip cookies I made the other day. Instead of using all brown rice syrup, which gave it a malty taste and chalky mouth feel, I went with half brown rice syrup and half agave. I also added some vanilla to balance it all out. The result is a much better - and still sugar-free! - cookie. Delicious:

If you want these bad boys, and about a hundred million other scrumptious baked goods, get your self to the bake sale on Saturday. I'll be lounging in Napa myself (don't hate), but my cookies will sure-as-heck be there for all to consume. Plus all the money raised goes to great charities... and you can get yourself an Ike's Sandwich to boot! It really doesn't get any better. So go....and if you have one of my cookies, let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll be back on Tuesday to tell you all about my Napa eats and adventures.... and oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day. :)


Princess Consuela said...

I was wondering where you purchase your vegan white chocolate chips from?

Sky said...

Can still only get them online, sadly.