Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cool Solace in Times of Fever

A visual for you, dear readers, to sum up my physical state right now. That picture is actually from the last time I was really hungover, but I'm currently sick with the flu and am looking and feeling pretty much the same as I did back then. Well, I guess I'm not actually as nauseous as I was that day, and my fever now is way higher, but you get the idea. I'm achy all over, coughing so much it hurts, and (my personal fave) have a sore throat that won't quit. But when life gives you lemons.......trade them for ice cream, I say! The best part about having a sore throat is an excuse to try some of the sugar-free vegan ice creams out there, and so I have. First up was Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss, above. I know people love this stuff but I found it way (WAY!) too coconut-y and not sweet enough. It was so bleh that, even with my sore throat, I ended up composting most of it. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Next up was a Chocolate Chip flavor by none other than SF's own Cafe Gratitude. If you like their nut-milk (love saying that) ice creams in their cafes, you can now bring home pints from Rainbow. My wonderful and amazingly kind husband brought this home for me last night and it's a real winner. The base here is almond and cashews and then agave and raw cacao nibs get tossed in. The end. It may not be quite as creamy as the coconut milk stuff, but it's sweet, cold, and delicious. As you can see, I managed to save half and can't wait to enjoy it later on. Highly recommended, especially for sore throats.

Speaking of which, I've also been using this time on the couch to try to get my homework done for a poetry class I'm taking. So, to end this post, a haiku:

eating yummy food
with a red and swollen throat

my personal hell

Have a good week everyone!

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Gary said...

Poor Baby. Enjoy the ice cream and get well soon. Love you.