Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend.... the Eating Continues

After our trip to Loving Hut, we of course came home and ate more pumpkin pie and ice cream... I mean, it's (the days following) Thanksgiving after all! You'd think with all this crazy eating, we would have woken up on Saturday and decided to take a breather. Um, no. Since we had to go to the farmer's market to get some things for a brunch we were hosting on Sunday, we decided to go have a leisurely late breakfast at The Plant beforehand. Such a brilliant idea. I mean, you know a weekend is good when right after brunch you go and shop for the next day's brunch.

On windy and chilly days, Plant's Pier 3 location breaks out the clear plastic windbreakers and heat lamps, which actually make their awesome deck quite pleasant, and that's the view from our table there on the left. Below, you have the perfect antidote to that overfed yet malnourished feeling sometimes associated with Thanksgiving eats: A 2oz. shot of wheatgrass.

The Plant's wheatgrass is sweet and refreshing, but not so much that I didn't really appreciate that orange slice chaser. Nourishment imbibed, I felt safe to move on to heartier - and significantly less chlorophyll-laden - food.

Here we have my favorite of the Plant's vegan breakfast offerings - the tofu scramble. Served up with perfectly toasted sourdough, delectable (and never greasy!) potatoes, and a serving of seasonal fruit, it can't be beat. Add some Blue Bottle coffee and you've got a great start to your weekend, folks. And, with this little addition, it gets even better:

I asked for some hot sauce for my scramble and got this tasty bottle of just-hot-enough goodness. In reading, I found out it is made by the Huey P. Newton Foundation and that proceeds go toward funding numerous community programs in Oakland. I love when tasty things do more than just sate my appetite!

On Saturday night we actually slowed down a bit and made veggies and polenta for dinner. Good thing too, because brunch the next day was another eating marathon. More on that next time, my friends.

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