Saturday, December 13, 2008

Il Fornaio

I enjoyed a lovely lunch yesterday with some friends from around the Bay Area. We decided on Il Fornaio in the Corte Madera Town Center because of its central location to all of us, and it was a good choice. Not only was it equidistant from our homes, it also had a warm, festive, and inviting atmosphere. It didn't hurt that they sat us by the fireplace where it was much quieter than the main dining room. It was the perfect setting to chat and linger over dishes that everyone could enjoy.

While others dined on chicken salads and the like, I dug into my Insalata Balsamico. That's greens with balsamic dressing for the non-Italians. It was nothing special, but tasty all the same. The star of the meal, however, was the soup. Clearly marked as vegan on the the menu, the minestrone is a hearty blend of veggies and beans. It took the chill out of my bones and filled me up. Next time I'm trying to find a place in Marin to take some others, Il Fornaio will be high up on the list. Put it on yours as well!

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