Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Eating Part One

It's been a while! The last week I was in SF I ended up getting a nasty cold which left me unable to go out to eat, let alone blog. So sad. On the other hand, it meant that when I arrived in NYC, I was healthy as all get out and ready for some chowing down. Today, I'm back in SF, a bit (okay, a LOT) jet-lagged, and ready to tell of my dining adventures. In keeping with my energy level, I'll do this in installments. Here's Day One:

First of all, Day One was supposed to be Day Two but since there was a huge snowstorm on the east coast, our flight got in hella late, and we missed out on dining at Pala with some friends. I love that the menu there has lots of vegan options, and I'll definitely make my way there on my next trip. With the real Day One being completely consumed by travel, Day One will now refer to our first whole day in New York. After a brief walk through the closest Whole Foods (my favorite go-to spot for quick yummy vegan food wherever you are), making sure to note that this particular location had an entirely vegan salad bar, we made our way to Teany.

Owned by Moby, this little gem is a beautiful play-on-words. Tea and NY come together to describe a very tiny restaurant that serves a ton of tea. Cute, eh? I had only ever popped in a to get one of their yummy vegan cupcakes, so I was really looking forward to going back for more substantial fare. Everything on the food menu sounded so good, and it was difficult to choose, but it had nothing on the tea menu. Pages upon pages of teas became too daunting for me to handle. I also have to really be in the mood for tea, and I wasn't.

That aside, I finally settled on the Chicken Salad Salad. This was the yummiest fake chicken salad I've ever had, and served atop a bed of greens with tomatoes and a rocking balsamic, it really hit the spot. I wish I had some more right now in fact. I also wish there was a Teany right next to my home in SF. It's such a cute little place and the food and people are both so good. I already know that next time I'm there, I'm having the English classic Beans on Toast, done vegan style of course. The girl next to me ordered it and it was all I could do not to ask for a bite.

Afterwards, we walked the 3 blocks to MooShoes and did some shopping. Highly recommended. There was a brief pause before dinner.... and that, my friends, is another entry altogether. Coming soon. :)


Amanda said...

waiting in anticipation!!

Joan said...

Can't wait to go there and Moo Shoes too! Thank you, you cutie!