Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Favorite

I promise to get to more of my travel eats soon, but I just got back from a long weekend in Tahoe where we celebrated my husband's birthday. He loves a good ice cream cake and this year I totally fooled him with a vegan version from Maggie Mudd. He had no idea it was vegan until I dug in too! You can get these bad boys with character themes or with any of your own photos right on top, plus they can make them in any of their awesome vegan flavors. They even started doing "stuffed" cakes which they fill with your choice of swirls and/or chunks of goodness. I highly suggest your pick one up the next time you or anyone you loves gets older. That way, you can both celebrate. :)


Joan said...

Everyday is somebody's birthday - we'll have to celebrate that when we are out there with a cake??!! It looks delish.

Sky said...

There's always room in my freezer... and my stomach... for ice cream cake. :)