Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to My Faves

I'm off on a brief jaunt to L.A. tomorrow. I won't be able to see all those whom I love and adore while I'm there, but I go back often enough that it's okay. Anyway, I wanted to give you all a quick dose of ye olde "favorites" before I skip town. As I was looking up a picture for today's product, I was surprised to find that I'm not the first one to endorse it... in fact, I'm right behind Rachel Ray of all people. Well, before she can say "EVOO" let me get to the point. Glenny's makes the most amazing vegan marshmallow treats on planet earth. Gooey and sticky and sickeningly sweet, just like the originals I had as a kid. But, these only have 100 calories per bar, and of course no cholesterol or other yucky stuff. I'm pretty sure Rachel doesn't give a crap about animal welfare, but she gave Glenny's whole line her seal of approval for being healthy and delicious. No matter why you try them, you'll be mighty pleased. You might even say they're "Yum-O."


Anne-Michelle said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll have to check them out!

Sky said...

Yeah, they're really good... and SO much better for you than the original. There's plenty of places online that carry them, but I've seen them at Whole Foods too.