Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Day of the Long Weekend

I meant to blog this sooner but somehow this week is just flying by. So, long story short, we hosted a brunch for some pals last Sunday. I made a kick ass fruit salad:

Isn't it beautiful? Mangoes and grapes and berries and bananas, all with the juice of half an orange squeezed on top (it's my not-so-secret fruit salad trick). Yum. But of course when you also have the bestest most wonderful cinnamon rolls in the world, nobody gives a crap about your fruit salad:

Seriously guys, Sugar Beat Sweets has mastered the vegan cinnamon roll. In fact, one of my brunch guests was heard saying, "Those cinnamon buns are amazing. There must be like a stick of butter in each one." To which I replied, "Gotcha - they're vegan. No butter at all!" Silly omnivores.

Want to get some of those sweet yummies for yourself but are too lazy to special order and can't wait until their storefront bakery opens? Come to the SF Vegan Bakesale this Saturday at Ike's! All the proceeds go toward Save a Bunny and the Food Empowerment Project. Yours truly will be there from 2 o'clock onward hawking my S'mores Pie and White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies. More than 50 bakers are coming together to give you the best treats in the Bay Area all while supporting some fantastic causes. Be there!

Coming soon: Trips to three restaurants. 2 old faves and 1 brand spankin' new... to me and to SF!

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