Thursday, April 23, 2009


Finally we come to the end of my East Coast adventures, and this time we're not in Manhattan! In a trip long overdue, I got my behind to Philadelphia for a generous helping of brotherly love... and divine dining! Horizons has been on all the lists of best vegetarian restaurants over the years, and I've been dying to go. Now, after all this time, I fully understand why it's received all the praise it has and, better yet, Horizons totally lived up to the hype.

For starters, it's location right off South Street is awesome. You can (window)shop your way to the front door and then be immediately transported to a cleaner, more welcoming, and MUCH better smelling world. There was construction going on downstairs, but the upstairs was bright and inviting. Our group settled in quickly and then set about the task of ordering. This took some time, but we eventually all made delicious choices.

Personally, I started out with the Little Leaves Salad. You know I love my greens, and combined with radishes and roasted cauliflower in a grain mustard vinaigrette, these were scrumptious. Things were off to a great start.

For my entree, I was lured by the earthy aromas of the Peppercorn Seared Tofu. Topped with sauteed mushroom and ramps (wild leeks), and on a bed of fregola (like couscous), the tofu came to life - not an easy feat! Deep rich flavors popped in every bite. I could have eaten this two (or three) times over.

For dessert, I ordered what I knew I had to have as soon as I read the name: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb. Oh yeah. This is super-moist peanut butter cake, covered in chocolate ganache, with a mound of fudgey chocolate on top. I wanted to show this close-up, but what isn't shown is the line of chocolate sauce leading to the insanely good peanut butter ice cream. Dessert Perfection.

I don't know when, but I swear to you right now that I WILL be back to Horizons. In fact, as we were driving across town to get there, we passed 3 or 4 other veggie places. Who knew Philly was such a progressive place? I'm already planning a trip for the future, and you should too!

Next up, it's back to San Francisco eats, and I promise to finally post my "50 Things to Eat Before You Die" list!


Joselle said...

Philly is very vegan-friendly. Even if you're not at an veg place, there are almost always options. But I think most cities are like that.

I love Horizons. They have Vegan Drinks there, too.

Check out the blog Urban Vegan. All Philly.

Sky said...

Awesome info as usual, Joselle. Can't wait to dine with you sometime soon(ish)! xoxo.