Monday, January 7, 2013

Tried and True

And as delicious as ever!  You know I love Millennium, just like everyone who's ever been there loves that place.  Special occasion vegan restaurant perfection, people.  Since I've been a bazillion times (and will continue going forever and ever), I wasn't going to take pictures when I was there this past weekend.  But you know what?  The lighting was pretty good and the camera on my new phone is pretty awesome, so I present to you my meal from Saturday night:

Little Gem Salad.  Best dressing on Earth. Creamy garlic amazingness. I get it every time I'm at Millennium without fail.  Salad heaven.

Blue Corn Polenta Cake.  YES.   Some heat was running throughout this one, and the bitter rapini and walnuts were the perfect crunch against the soft polenta.  So yeah, they basically serve magic at Millennium.

If none of the dessert options call your name, you can never go wrong with the Sweet Ending.  Your plate shall arrive full of sinful one bite truffles and tiny cookies full of flavor that belies their cuteness.  Oh, and that brownie in the middle?  Best brownie I've ever had.

Back to the land of every day eats 'round these parts, though I am hitting up a new-to-me spot or two shortly.  Stay tuned!


Hannah Tai said...

Miss Sky, you must not have tasted my brownies! (-:

Sky said...

I have not! one day....