Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get to Gather

Hi guys!  I know I promised to tell you about some good eats in Monterey, and I shall, but I had lunch at Gather in Berkeley yesterday and the cauliflower soup is so good I just had to tell you soon. That way you can go and get it while it's still on the menu!  Look how pretty:

Promise it tastes just as good as it looks (maybe even better).  Rich and decadent, it's a wonderful way to take a pause and warm up this winter, so get you some.  Better still?  Blackboard Eats has a 30% OFF of lunch or brunch deal with Gather right now, so it's even kind of cheap!

Enjoy the soup, and I'll be back soon to dish up my fave spot in Monterey.  Stay tuned!

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