Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sinatra, Las Vegas

This past Friday, I did something I've always wanted to do, you guys.  Eat at one of the many fine dining establishments at The Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas.  Why, you ask?  Well, in case you haven't heard, Steve Wynn is vegan and therefore, all of his restaurants (even the cafes and buffets and mid-range places) have separate vegan menus.  It's kind of amazing.  But the real magic happens in the fine dining spots, as I found out.  Check out my dinner at Sinatra...

First off, the vegan bread basket with Earth Balance.  Yes, really.  At this point, I was already saying quiet "Thank you, Steve Wynn"s under my breath.

I started off with the Caesar salad.  Crunchy romaine and garlic-laced dressing come together beautifully in this swoon-worthy starter.  A sprinkling of chives and black pepper round out the powerful flavors, making for the best damn Caesar I ever did have.

Next up?  Gardein Marsala aka heaven on Earth. This dish of "chicken" with mushrooms in a savory marsala sauce served atop pillowy gnocchi was as good or better than anything I've ordered at high end vegan restaurants.  In fact, it makes me kind of mad that other omni restaurants, especially those in which you're paying a premium, can't offer vegans something as high caliber as this.  Come on other establishments, get you're vegan act together!  And, while you're at it, make your dessert amazing too!  Like this:

Beautiful, right?  And this Cioccolato was as tasty as it was pretty.  Deep, rich chocolate with the bright hint of raspberries was the perfect way to end our meal.  Amazing.

The fact that these fabulous dishes came out of an omnivorous kitchen makes me feel so happy, and also like I can't wait to get back to Vegas to try out all the other restaurants in Steve Wynn's empire.  I mean, the seafood place even does a vegan clam chowder, y'all.  What?  Yes.

Here's the full menu we chose from at Sinatra, just for your enjoyment.  It's all vegan.  Back in SF, we're heading out in the Bay Area to hit some new places soon, so stay tuned!


Suzy Vincent said...

OMG Sky, thank you SO MUCH for posting this... I ate at Sinatra last year in Vegas and it is truly amazing! I had the super-awesome Caesar salad as well, but for my main I had the Gardein sausage-and-peppers pasta... SO yum! The next night I dined at Wazuzu, a Pan-Asian restaurant at the Wynn Encore. Can't decide which was better! Wazuzu rocked, not only for its stellar vegan offerings, but it's well... just gorgeous! As much fun to look at as it is satisfying to eat there. YAY!

A dream trip for me would be to stay at Wynn/Encore for a week, just for the restaurants. Screw gambling and shows LOL!


Aunt Suzy

Sky said...

Saran had the sausage and peppers and loved it. We plan on visiting a bunch more of Wynn's places in the future and will write them up of course. Glad you made it here :)