Monday, September 26, 2011

Cafe Yumm and Two "Sweets", Portland

After reading all the buzz around something called "yumm sauce" (best sauce name ever, right?) I was psyched to learn that Cafe Yumm, purveyor of said sauce, was 2 blocks from my hotel in Portland. Off I went!

That's their groundnut soup, above. It was good but not great. Needed more peanut flavor. The end.

Ok, now we're talking. This is the classic yumm bowl with greens, without the sour cream or cheese, and with plenty of yumm sauce. I must say, it was pretty tasty, but I wasn't blown away. Yumm sauce is kind of cheese-esque in flavor, made primarily of cashews, nutritional yeast, and veggie oils, as far as I could tell anyway. I'd eat it again but I'm not about to jump on a plane for Portland to head there (unlike the Portobello gnocchi, about which I still fantasize).

We also went to SweetPea Baking Company to check out the baked goods. They provided some stellar cupcakes for the opening night of VidaVeganCon but they make so much more, like my chicken-less salad above. I think I like the Teany version better, but this all vegan bakery and cafe is so charming I can forgive a little heavy-handedness with the vegan mayo. Besides, the lovely bright balsamic cuts through it nicely.

Since (this wo)man can not live on food alone, I had to try out Portland's newest all-vegan bar. Yes, newest. As in there's more than one vegan bar in Portland. Ugh, so jealous. Especially since The Sweet Hereafter also straight up rules. It's got great ambiance and awesome beers on tap and incredibly good bar food. That little platter of goodies above included some very tasty hummus, olives, roasted almonds, crostini and a dipping sauce of some kind. If only every bar served food like that! Or, like this....

That's my "3 Sides" in which I chose kale (of course), broccoli, and the house tofu. The latter is seasoned nicely with herbs and nutritional yeast. So great with beer! And, if you want something even more substantial, you could go for my friend's sandwich:

That right there is the "Steve Martin". I have no idea how this scrumptious sammy got its name, but I bet the reason is both hilarious and charming, not unlike the man himself. In summary, I love this bar and want it to move to San Francisco BADLY. Sigh...

Guess what, folks? That's it for the Portland eats! Next up, there's one epic meal in Austin to share and then we're back by the bay. Yay!


Kelli @ Cafe Yumm! said...

Glad you came by! Hope we'll see you again. If I may make a recommendation - try our tofu skewers along with a Yumm! Bowl next time you're in. It's a delicious combo (though I'm definitely biased).

Sky said...

Thanks Kelli. I'll definitely try it next time I find myself in Oregon! :)