Friday, September 23, 2011

More Austin Eats

It's been busy around the Eats Well With Others headquarters lately, but now that a foot injury is forcing me to sit still and rest a while, I may as well use my time wisely and show you all some good eats! I still have more from Portland, but let's travel back to Austin for a bit, shall we? Errr... actually, let's start in San Antonio. We took a day trip over that way and got to eat some real treats along the way. First stop was the brand new Vegeria, an all vegan restaurant about 10 minutes from downtown San Antonio. Best thing on the menu? The nachos for sure:

Served up with Vegeria's own vegan queso and super flavorful taco filling, this pile of food is divine. Crispy chips and shredded cabbage and carrots give some crunch, and there's even a sprinkling of quinoa for.... nutrition? Who knows, but it is truly yummy. If only it hadn't taken FOREVER to come to the table. But more on that later. Check out my lunch entree:

This is the quinoa salad with pecans and fresh herbs. It was alright. For all the flavor that was in the nachos, this one was pretty flavorless. Seemed like Mexican food was the way to go at Vegeria as everyone loved their tacos and enchiladas while my dad's BBQ mushroom sub and my mom's avocado sub were both kind of bland. Meanwhile, the service was insanely bad. Food took a crazy long time and when it did come things were missing and messed up. I can only hope it's because they are new and they were slammed and we were a party of 6 sitting in the back room where nobody could see us. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and would definitely go back next time I'm in town for the nachos alone, but I hope they get it together!

On the way back from San Antonio we decided to take the long route and go through Hill Country. This also meant we got to eat at the truly awesome Fralo's, where we ordered the heck out of some pizza.

As you all know, I love me some artisan pizza, and this is some of the best. Perfect crust, slightly sweet sauce, and the Daiya cheese us vegans know and love. This place is not all vegan by any stretch of the imagination, so it speaks volumes about how far veganism has come that they stock Daiya for us folks! I mean, it's sort of in the middle of nowhere (imagine al fresco picnic tables surrounded by rolling hills) in Texas, which isn't exactly known for being vegan-friendly, and I was able to eat VERY well with my others. Gotta love it.

I've still got our epic celebratory meal to tell you about in Austin, so stay tuned for that. It could come quickly, since it's just me and my ice pack over here. :) Happy Friday, everyone!

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