Monday, February 14, 2011

Souley Vegan's Brunch

The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach and though my husband can't cook worth a damn, the man can make reservations like nobody's business. Hence, we spent a romantic Valentine's weekend eating at some of our favorite spots. The fanciest of these was, of course, Millennium, which I wrote about over on Vegan Favorites. It was amazing, but our brunch the next day at soul food spot Souley Vegan also hit all the right notes as far as flavor (so tasty), service (with a smile), and ambiance (see Big Mama Thornton painting and disco ball, below) go.

First of all, I love that brunch at Souley Vegan is kind of like the homemade Sunday brunches of my youth in that Soul Train is on the TV but you can't hear it because the Parliament Funkadelic is turned up too loud. Yes, I know my parents are cool... but they can't cook like SV can! We ordered at the counter (which is how they do things at SV) and took a seat at a picnic table in the back, singing along with George Clinton the whole time. Before you could say "Make my funk the P. Funk" a massive plate of food had arrived:

That was the breakfast combo special from Sunday, and it included the most creamy and delicious grits you ever could imagine, a perfectly spiced tofu-scramble, savory potato hash, a refreshing corn salad, fresh orange and honeydew, and two pieces of toast for $10! I added the biscuit and gravy for $2 because I just had to try it. Boy am I glad I did. Light and fluffy and with a herbaceous and not-too-heavy gravy on top. Yum! The husband got a simple plate of tofu scramble and two pancakes and I ended up sharing much of my food with him because there was just so much.

For a place that only started serving brunch less than a month ago, Souley Vegan has already got it mastered! I will definitely be back. Let's not forget that lunch and dinner there also rule. If you live in the Bay Area, definitely check it out.

Up next: Some more Valentine's eats... 'cause I love ya!


Suzy Vincent said...

wow, great vegan soul food that's reasonably priced and Parliament/Funkadelics to boot? Life doesn't get much better than that!

Sky said...

For real! Plus the people who work there are the nicest!