Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Suburban Franchised Eating? Sure!

Generally speaking, I avoid large franchises like the plague. They are, on the whole, not very vegan-friendly, and full of gross additives and preservatives - not to mention way more fat and calories than anyone needs. There are notable exceptions to this rule, however, and my favorite has got to be Fresh Choice. At this salad and hot bar set-up they use mostly local produce and every item is labeled with its ingredients, fat content, and calorie count. Oh, and veg things are marked VEG and vegan things V. It makes life so easy, and the best part? It's all you can eat and there are tons of tasty options.

My first plate consisted of this large salad made up of greens, carrots, steamed broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, black olives, and some pita triangles. I used the chipotle hummus as my dressing. Freshly delicious, with just the right amount of spice.

I also had some harvest vegetable soup, which was full of comforting spices and totally hit the spot. After this, I may or may not have gone back up several more times, trying out all the vegan breads and noodle dishes, until I was stuffed. ;)

If there is a Fresh Choice near you, I highly suggest trying it out. It's a great place to eat well with others in suburbia. Enjoy!

I'm off to Napa for the weekend, so stay tuned for that upon my return. Meanwhile, have a fantastic week everyone!

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