Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plant and DOSA Updates

Yesterday was a day of old favorites around here, as we played host to my husband's parents from NJ. It was a lovely day all around, so I just wanted to blog some updates. First up, let it be known that DOSA on Fillmore is still my second favorite restaurant in SF (Millennium, you'll always be my number one, baby). Let's adore my masala dosa from last night, shall we?

Yes, it's a savory, beautiful half moon of goodness. And that coconut chutney is so delicious I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it. Love it.

I also had my fave DOSA appetizer, of course - the mango and goat cheese salad without the goat cheese. They seem to always switch up the dressing on this salad, and last night was a raspberry vinaigrette, but who cares. It's all about the mango and toasted hazelnuts. Yum.

Earlier in the day, we had lunch at the perfect place to take any out of town guests, especially on a Saturday: The Plant Cafe at the Embarcadero. Sit along the water and have yummy food, like my Napa cabbage salad with baked tofu, above. Go to the Farmer's Market next door before or after. If the sun is shining, it's the perfect Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I do not forget my past disappointments here, but The Plant was back on point for our visit yesterday, so while all is not forgiven, their tasty dishes and superb location means they'll have to mess up royally for me to never return.

In between lunch and dinner, we checked out the Cal Academy, which was far more awesome than I thought it would be. My new friend (above) from the rain forest there wants you to visit him. :)And the perfect way to end the night after sending the (very tired) parents back to their hotel? Hookah and wine at Cafe Chanta. San Francisco, I love you all the time, but it's on days like yesterday that you make me swoon.

Today will be much more low-key, but I think we're heading to my favorite suburban chain restaurant for dinner, so stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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