Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sprig & Vine (Guest Blog Extraordinaire!)

When I heard that an upscale vegan restaurant was moving into one of my favorite old haunts I was at once ecstatic (I can't wait to go there next time I visit!) and downhearted (I'm not going back until July!). My jealousy was almost bubbling over when I heard that my aunt and uncle would be dining there this past Friday, but I composed myself and asked if they would like to write a guest blog about their experience. I figured that since I couldn't eat there myself, the next best thing would be drooling over my photographer uncle's shots of their dishes, right? Right. What follows is their account of what seems like a fantastic meal at brand new Sprig & Vine in the charming little town of New Hope, PA. Thanks, guys!

Finally! A vegan restaurant in the New Hope, PA, area that respects food and has such exquisite preparation and presentation that even an omnivore would be satisfied. Sprig and Vine calls itself vegetarian, but a note informs that the menu is 100% vegan. Our group sampled almost the entire menu and loved every bite. I don’t like to neglect items but the outstanding plates are the edamame falafel ($7), the smoked spinach salad ($9), the Moroccan grilled tofu entree ($18), and the olive oil cake dessert ($6).

The falafel with black sesame tahini and pickled radish were airy light and enhanced by the sauce as they were set off by the tang of pickled radish.

Spinach has never tasted so good as it does smoked and dressed with horseradish dressing. The accompanying shaved pumpernickel delighted everyone and became a conversation piece.

Grilled Moroccan tofu had the eye appeal of smoked salmon with impeccably layered flavors in a chickpea cake, shaved artichoke salad, braised greens surrounded by carrot-top pesto.

Bettering a traditional Italian olive oil cake, the dessert is perfectly complemented with blood orange blossom ice cream and a delicate biscuit.

Eat at Sprig and Vine often to be healthy and satisfied.

I know if I lived closer I'd be eating there often indeed! They may have picked their absolute favorites to write about but the word is that everything was delicious, from the castelvetrano olives at left to the slow roasted root vegetables and cauliflower three ways below.

In the end, this guest blog may have ended up making me more jealous of all those close to New Hope, but I'm very happy that more vegan restaurants are opening up all the time, and of course I'll be looking forward to my meal there in July!

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Kim S. said...

Great review and pictures! It is BYOB too! I can't wait to go, but I am inconveniently about 2 hours away. If in the area for a few days, book the Kindle Cafe, a vegetarian speakeasy held in a beautiful coffee shop space in Lambertville.

Sky said...

Thanks for the tip, Kim. I've heard good things about Kindle Cafe so if there's time I'll definitely try to make it there! So glad the area is getting more and more veggie places!