Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in SF and Back to Luna Park

Upon my SF homecoming, I was surprised to learn that a Groupon I had purchased a while back was nearing expiration. And so, as soon as we got hungry, we headed to Luna Park to get some bang for our buck.... and some good food to boot!

I've been to Luna Park before and so I knew what I wanted for my entree, but I found that choosing my salad was simple as well. Arugula and fennel is a combo I can not resist, and at LP it's served up with the perfect amount of salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon. (Just get it without the parmesan.) Simple ingredients making for a tasty start to the meal. But the best was yet to come...

Vegans rejoice, for Luna Park has a super-savory, uber-comforting entree that you will love: The Vegan Cassoulet. Yes, there are healthy things like kale, sunchokes and basil in there, but it's all about the gigantes beans, farro, and the plethora of fried breadcrumbs. It's warming, homey, and delicious.

We also got a side of string beans with shallots, lemon, and olive oil. I am recently a shallot convert, and I could have eaten these all night. A perfect side dish.

All in all, another great trip to Luna Park, where the vegan pickins may be slim, but what they do have is scrumptious.

Up next: I try out a new vegan cheese spread made from (drum roll please) oatmeal!

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