Monday, August 10, 2009

Parent Visit Day Two: The Plant

On day two, we woke up and headed out into the sunshine. We decided to wander the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building before having some brunch at the Plant Cafe's new location in Pier 3. Not a bad way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning. I highly recommend it.

The Plant Cafe's new location on the waterfront is just gorgeous, and having deck where you can nosh in the sun makes it perfection. I could think of no better place to enjoy my "Spicy Red with Green" juice. Bright red beets pair with kale, apple, celery, and ginger to make in invigorating and nourishing beverage. It was just the light start to the day I needed.

My parents, on the other hand, were in need of something more substantial. Pops ordered something I've had before and loved - the Tofu Scramble with a side of Vegan Sausage. The scramble has fresh peppers and spinach, making it savory but light, and comes with toast and home fried potatoes. What more could you ask for in a breakfast?

Meanwhile, Mom was feelin' lunch and opted for the vegan pizza. Roasted garlic cloves adorn this marinara-covered disc and though I didn't taste it, the smell, and her praise, have me pretty convinced it's a winner. Seriously, get thee to the new Plant location. You won't regret it.

In the evening, we attended an amazing culinary and musical experience... but I'll have to write about that later. For now, I've been wrangled into take a duckboat tour of SF. Part of me is saying "Shoot Me Now", but it'll probably be fun, so off we go. More good eats to follow of course!


shelley said...

I thought you loved duck tours! I remember you making me going on one not so long ago....

Joan A Grealis said...

Yes Shelley-I thought that too! Maybe if it's not "her" town and she feels touristy at home?

Sky said...

For the record, I love the duckboat idea of the land and water tour, but I hate the themed vehicles and cheesy quacking they make you do. That aspect is made even worse when you're not actually a tourist. I enjoyed myself though, even though my dad was the loudest quacker of the bunch. :)