Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parent Visit Day Four: Sweets and Slices

Day Four of the visit was my husband's birthday, and I decided to surprise him at work with 4 dozen cupcakes for him and his office. He hates surprises, but he loves cupcakes, so I figured he'd forgive me (he did). Unable to give non-vegan food to people, even strangers, I turned to Sugar Beat Sweets to make his birthday wishes come true. I'd heard such good things about SBS, and its owner, Melisser, that I knew I was leaving our taste buds in good hands.

She was totally awesome to deal with through the whole ordering and picking up process, and once I had the car packed and ready to go (above) it really felt like a birthday. The scent of fresh-baked cupcakes wafted through the Prius as we drove to the office, and it was all I could do not to pull over and eat one. The Peppermint Patty flavor, in particular, was calling my name, but I took pics of the Peanut Butter Cup (my dad's fave) and Classic Vanilla (husband's fave) below:

When we finally did devour them, all your heard was "mmmmm...." I especially loved my Peppermint Patty, but I'm a mint chocolate kind of gal. They were all absolutely magnificent cupcake specimens - super moist, sugary and flavorful. Nobody knew they were vegan and everyone raved. Hooray birthdays! Hooray Sugar Beat Sweets!

For dinner that night, we went to an old favorite, Beretta. I swear, this restaurant is amazing. So vegan-friendly and so insanely delicious, it's no surprise that it's always packed. I mean just look at this slice of vegan margherita:

So good. Never had better vegan pizza and doubt I ever will. I want to eat there once a week for all eternity. Everything we had, from the perfectly cooked veggie antipasti to the pizzas to the unique drinks (try a "Hemmingway"!) were all so tasty, and we all enjoyed the husband's birthday dinner very much.

Still having a hard time keeping up with all the eating, but I'll do my best to blog it all as quickly as I can dear readers. We're off to Santa Cruz tomorrow to hit up some places I've always wanted to try, so in the meantime, enjoy your own eats!

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