Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Parent Visit Day Three: Greens

The onslaught of food is in full effect, and I can barely keep up, let along have time to write about it all! To that end, my next few blog posts will be short and to the point. Here we go....

So, what I want to tell you about Greens is that it's amazing. Still going strong after 30 years, and more vegan-friendly than ever, it delivers high-quality delicious and inventive food with a view of the Marina and GG Bridge which can't be beat. Of course, we managed to go on the one foggy night of my parent's trip so far (see our view, left), but it was still fantastic. Some highlights:

We started with some hummus and warm pita bread. Delicious. Best hummus I've had in a long time, and that's sayin' something!

My dad had those amazing spring rolls one the left, which are huge for an appetizer since they also include some savory enoki mushrooms and peanut-sauced tofu. He devoured them happily. I got my favorite offering on the menu - the mesquite grilled brochettes. Last time I was lucky enough to eat this, the couscous was speckled with dried cranberries and cashews, but this time it was raisins and almonds. Very hard to say which was better as they were both so tasty with the charmoula-spiced sauce and perfectly cooked veggies and tofu.

There was also salads and curries and pasta eaten at our table that night, and everything was wonderful. If you haven't been, vegan or otherwise, get thee to Greens soon.


tracy said...

Sky darling, you've tempted me try Greens again! I've not been in a year after a few very bland, boring dishes. I must say, they are back on my "to dine" list!

Sky said...

They've really come a long way with their vegan offerings, and definitely are worth a second try!