Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We don't get down to Palo Alto very often, but almost every time we're there, dinner at Zibibbo is part of the plan. We went back to our old favorite this past weekend, and it's high time I blogged about it. I haven't in the past, mainly because I've never been able to get good pictures of the food. The same was true this time, so the outside shot (above) will have to do. I happen to love the muted, romantic lighting inside, so it's worth the lack of pictures to enjoy that ambiance every once in a while.

In addition to the nice lighting, Zibibbo offers Italian/Mediterranean food done right: Simple, organic, clean, flavors that leave you satisfied without feeling stuffed. The great wine list doesn't hurt either. Neither does the fact that they are one of the only restaurants on Open Table with personnel who actually read the "notes" section of their reservations. I always mention that I'm vegan when reserving, and at Zibibbo, the waiter or waitress always arrives at the table armed with that info and ready to help. For example, right off that bat, we got olive oil along with our bread in addition to the standard butter. I love that.

For the rest of the meal, we went with an anitpasti platter of hummus and pita, marinated olives, and roasted baby beets (sans goat cheese). We also ordered the seasonal vegetable platter, which contained perfectly cooked brocolli rabe with chili flakes, brussel sprouts with garlic and sage, and sauteed spinach. So yummy. I then had a big salad of little gem lettuce and toasted walnuts in a sherry vinaigrette while my vegetarian dining companions had a mushroom pizza. This is how I like to eat. Little bites of lots of delicious and healthy breads, veggies, and dips, topped off with a great glass of wine. It's hard to beat Zibibbo for this type of food, and for that reason, I urge you and your others to go next time you're down in Palo Alto. I know I'll be there on my next visit.

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