Saturday, February 28, 2009


Seeing the above message on a menu makes me oh-so-pleased, so when it appeared before me last night at Metro Kathmandu, I knew good things were coming my way. Good things sans animal bits! Woo-hoo! But mayhaps I'm getting ahead of myself...

I've wanted to go to Kathmandu since it was recommended to me by a friend a couple weeks ago. As soon as she mentioned it, I remembered walking past the window months (years?) ago, reading the menu, and saying to myself "Vegan-friendly Nepalese food - I should go there!" Not too sure how I managed to forget all about it, but I'm happy to have been reminded.

Upon arrival, I took immediate notice of the super-red walls and lighting. It's really not bad, but it does nothing for the look of the food. You know what looks good in red lighting? Strippers, not dinner. Luckily, our entrees had high-powered flavor to make up for their seedy surroundings.

Speaking of food, I really wanted to try the Momos. I've heard good things from my others about these yummy Nepalese dumplings, but alas, the version served at Kathmandu are not vegan. Boo cheese. We opted instead for some samosas to start. They were a little soggier than I like, but tasted pretty darn good. After that we dove into our vegan entrees. They have three well-marked vegan offerings on the menu, and we tried all three. Here are the Mixed Veggie Curry, and the Tofu Masala:

The curry was pretty dang tasty, but the tofu dish's coconut milk base made it beloved by our table. Still, it couldn't beat out my fave of the evening, the Alu Tamal. Of course this would be the one dish I didn't get a picture of (red lighting was my enemy here as well), but it was true comfort food. Black-eyed peas and potatoes meet up with curry and sour-bamboo shoots in a perfect dish you just want to curl up with. Sopped up with some Roti, the flavors lingered on and on. Yum.

I would definitely head back to Kathmandu for that dish alone, others in tow of course. For now it's back to baking for me. We're having guests for dinner and I'm creating quite a feast. It will all be featured here shortly of course. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I know I am!


Andrew Bellware said...

Strippers look better in blue lighting.

Red just smears -- in both film and video.

But now I want samosas.

Sky said...

I knew there was a reason my tips went down when the club switched from blue to red.

Ummm... I mean... samosas are yummy!