Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recipe For the Best Valentine's Day Ever

Start with two tablets of Simply Sleep the night before so you can make up for all the short nights of rest you've been getting lately.

After ten hours, get out of bed and go to the gym. Feel good about yourself.

Use the rainy day as an excuse to stay inside with your husband all day. Have him shower you with gifts:

When you get good and hungry, walk to Greens and have the most fantastic dinner. I gotta tell ya, Greens has really stepped up their vegan game lately. I was told that for their Valentine's prix fixe menu there would be a vegan choice for every course but I was shocked and happy to hear that all the choices on the menu could be made vegan. That made decisions harder of course, but here's what I went with:

Cheese Plate with Olive Tapenade and Roasted Almonds

So this was the mandatory first course that everyone got. I knew the cheese was not for me, but that the hubby would have some so it was fine. The almonds and olives were yummy, especially with the bread and olive oil we got (not pictured). A great start to the meal!

Grilled Artichokes with Butter Beans

This creamy savory delight balanced flavors perfectly between some bitter endive and the earthy artichokes. One of the best dishes I've had anywhere in a long while.

Carrot-filled Ravioli with Greens

On the menu this was a goat cheese ravioli, but I don't think any vegetarian would have minded receiving this dish. Light and refreshing, it was scrumptious AND still left me with room for dessert.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

There was only one vegan dessert option, but I have no complaints. This was exactly what a girl wants to eat on Valentine's Day. Rich, intense chocolate mousse on a cookie crust with shaved chocolate on top. Oh yeah. Heaven.

The best part? We brought our own bottle of wine (see gifts above) from Robert Sinskey and used a $100 Open Table gift certificate that we had, so we made out like bandits. The walk back up the hill to get home was a little brutal being so stuffed and all, but once there, it was nothing but relaxing for us. In fact, I'm back on the couch now after a great breakfast of granola and berries and ready for another day of watching the rain fall. Ahhhh.....

I hope you all had great V-Days as well and are enjoying the rest of this long weekend. Lots of love ot you and yours!

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Joan said...

So glad you had a very nice V Day and thanks for making mine so good with all pretty and delicious fruit. Love you so.