Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicago Teaser

Hi all!  I spent a lovely weekend in Chicago with my Vegan Favorite, Shelley, and we pretty much ate our way around town, carbo-loading to stay warm.   It was amazing.  I will put up in-depth posts about two of the best restaurants at which we had the pleasure of eating, but I wanted to get a quick teaser up with two of my fave dishes outside of those two spots.  First up, the "Chicken Run Ranch Burger" at Native Foods:

So delicious!  Crispy "chicken" and savory ranch served up with sweet potato fries and a chipotle mayo dipping sauce?  Yes, please.  I've eaten at Native Foods in LA before and this dish just sealed the deal on me being willing to sell my soul to the devil to get an outpost in SF.  Come on, Native Foods, the Bay Area is great and we are hungry for your grub!

Also very tasty was the "Everything Green" salad at Handlebar.  This omni kitchen is EXTREMELY vegan friendly, and this salad full of greens and blackened tofu was positively scrumptious.  It was brunch time when we dined and I also shared a side of vegan biscuits and gravy that were awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that they were gone before they were photographed.  Oh well, next time!

Ok, I hope that whet your appetite for more Chicago eats... coming soon!

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