Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saha.... again

Ok, here's something that's no secret. I LOVE Saha. Like if Pee-Wee Herman asked me, "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?" I might actually start drawing up the paperwork to make it official. Because, you know, that's the next logical step after gays can marry. Me and Saha 4Eva!

Anyway, my mom loves it too (because she is a human with functioning taste buds), so it was our first stop on our Mom's Day Weekend adventure. I started with the fattoush salad.

Why anyone would want to muck up this tasty salad with cheese is beyond me, but you vegans will have to order it without, like I did. It's the perfect crisp and deliciousy seasoned way to start your meal at Saha. There is, however, another small plate starter to die for.

The Vegan Knaffe is a beautifully composed mound of shredded phyllo dough, vegan cream cheese and mushrooms in an out-of-this-world savory sauce. It's crazy good and you must eat it at least once in your lifetime.

Entree-wise, I'm a huge fan of the Vegan Bastilla. This phyllo purse is stuffed with veggies and vegan cream cheese and served with a crazy good saffron sauce. It's so fun to crack it open and see what vegetable surprises hide inside!

For dessert, we split the Bisbusa and mango sorbet. It normally comes with gelato, but the cake itself is always vegan. This Yemeni treat has a thin layer of crunch from the caramelized sugar, but the rest is syrup-soaked soft wonderfullness. We lucked out and got a caramelized banana too!

Not a bad start to a weekend full of delicious food, eh? Stay tuned for our meal at Ubuntu. It'll just about make your head explode. For reals. Meanwhile, have you entered the amazing giveaway at Vegan Favorites yet? Do it!

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