Monday, November 8, 2010


For as much as I love veggie burgers and fries, I don't eat them very often. I'm generally a stickler for getting as many fresh vegetables (as opposed to their fried cousins) into my system as possible, but after my visit to Roam this past weekend, that could all change. Now, only a couple of blocks from my house, exists a mouthwatering all-vegan burger and sweet potato fries that can be mine any time I like:

I got this burger "classic" style without the house sauce (mayo-based) but you can add whatever toppings you want from their extensive list. Add an organic Mothership Wit (which they have on tap) and you have an elevated version of this infamous American meal. I say elevated because we're talking organic ingredients served up in super-tasty fashion. The fries are crisped to perfection in rice bran oil and the veggies on the bun are fresh and vibrant. The patty is on the softer side, and obviously (from the color) there are beets in it, but other than that, all I know is it's really good. One of the best veggie burgers around for sure. And coming from a non-vegan restaurant, that is pretty impressive.

Since a veggie burger every now and the never killed anyone (I dare say that's not true of a meat burger), and since this one is so yummy and so close to my house, I know I'll be back to Roam. Maybe next time I'll kick it even healthier and try their other option: A huge salad topped with three mini-burgers. No bun, no fries, but I bet it's still delicious....


Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Now I'm wanting lunch and it's not even 9AM!! Haha.

Sky said...

Veggie burgers for breakfast!