Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and not just because it's all about the food. It's also the one time a year that my husband and I stay put and see as few other people as possible for the whole weekend. We become tourists in our own city, reconnecting with each other and with our love of San Francisco. We've had some great meals already this weekend, with more to come, but I thought I'd tell you about the main attraction: Thanksgiving's 5 course vegan feast at Millennium. We came in very hungry and were VERY stuffed afterward. Stuffed with deliciousness. Let's begin:

First course was the "Cornucopia Medley". This was one of the yummiest plates of the evening in my opinion, as the caramelized onion butter was to die for, and the pimento pate and pear mustard combo were unlike anything I've ever tasted. Add in some black eyed pea chow chow, roasted chestnuts, and house made walnut bread and you have an opener of epic proportions.

I was psyched for the "Apple-Fennel Salad" as I'm a fennel addict, and this did not disappoint. The ginger-orange miso dressing brought the whole thing together in a scrumptious way. The "Smoked Leek & Parsnip Puree" was also tasty, though not as much as I'd hoped. This may have been because I ate a ton of parsnips this past week and was kind of parsnipped out. I will say, however, that the wild rice and sage relish dolloped on top was delicious.

Pictured above are the two entrees of the evening. Both have the same sides; An amazing maple pecan sweet potato pie, perfectly roasted brussels and brassicas, and the most wonderful cardamon-scented cranberry-quince relish ever. Ever. So on the left you see the kabocha squash with smoky tempeh. Now I love squash and I love smoky tempeh, but this was just on a whole other level. Oh and there was saffron barley risotto too. I mean, c'mon. The husband had the other entree, on the right above. This mushroom torte was savory, earthy, and moan-inducing. We both paused and gave thanks to Eric Tucker (chef).

And then there was dessert. Holy goodness Batman. On the left there is a slice of chocolate marbled pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite things in the universe, and I was a little wary of combining it with chocolate. In the able hands of Millennium, however, the combo is sublime. Oh, and the huckleberry compote underneath added just the right amount of light freshness. So good. The pecan tart was supposedly also heavenly. I wouldn't know since my husband ate all if his before I could get a bite!

Deliriously full and quite thankful, we headed out into the night and remembered a hookah bar on our way home that we've been meaning to try. Turns out it was the perfect way to end our evening. Some jasmine tobacco and Moroccan mint tea at Casablanca Cafe was the perfect digestive after all that food. I think we have a new Thanksgiving tradition people.

Speaking of traditions, my own involves having pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. When a restaurant provides the day-of meal, however, this means getting a pie separately. This year I trusted In the Mood for Food catering to provide said pie, and I am so happy I did.
Perfect crust and a not-too-heavy filling with plenty of spice makes this pie delectable. Top it with a squirt of Soy-a-too Whipped cream, and breakfast is served.

Like I said, there have been plenty more good eats this weekend, and I promise to report on those soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of this long weekend, everyone. Give thanks.


Joselle Palacios said...

Pumpkin pie for breakfast is healthy. It's pumpkin!

Even if I weren't already vegan, the only pate I would ever eat is the vegan kind. That stuff has always scared me.

Looks like an amazing meal.

Sky said...

It was amazing, and I am not a pate person, but this stuff rocked! And thanks for backing up my pie for breakfast tradition. :)

Tom Bailey said...

I stumbled across your blog and found it interesting.. I am mostly vegan as well .... It is interesting to see what other vegans do on such a food centered day. I do not blog about vegan stuff but it is interesting visiting a vegan blog.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Sky said...

Thanks Tom. Come back and read more any time! :)