Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flour+Water: Take Two

The last time I checked out the yummy pizzas at Flour+Water, the chef happily made me a special vegan pie, but this time was even better because I got two vegan pies! That's because I dined with another vegan and he made one for each of us so we could mix and match. As I mentioned before, the service with a smile at F+W is worth a visit alone, but the food.... oh, the food!

This gorgeous melon salad with mint, lemon verbena, and sea salt is a regular on the menu right now (thank you, summer) and it is remarkable. The play on savory and sweet is refined and mouth-watering. I loved it. You can also see the simple arugula salad the chef made us because we were craving greens and there was no green salad on the menu. Like I said, happy to accomodate = happy vegan diners.

Sadly, I only snapped a shot of the pizza they put in front of me - this gorgeous tomato, caper, and pepper pie with parsley sauce drizzle. It was divine. The crust at F+W is always amazing, but I think it was even better on this visit. Perfectly chewy, charred, and crisp.... quite the feat! Combine that with the fresh tastes on top (I mean parsley drizzle, y'all!) and I was in heaven. The other pizza was equally unique in that it was sauce-less and was simply topped with thinly sliced summer squashes and really good olive oil. SO tasty.

On this trip, I also learned that if you get there at 6 on Tuesday, you may actually be seated pretty quickly. They keep half the restaurant open for walk-ins, so if you don't feel like waiting two months for a reservation, getting there early is the way to go. I predict I visit again soon...

Meanwhile, the husband and I will be trying out some new-to-us and very vegan-friendly spots this weekend, so stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!


Lindsey said...

I'm glad those are capers on your pizza. I thought they were blueberries and I was just not on board with that.

Sky said...

Haha! Blueberry dessert pizza maybe, but not on top of tomato sauce! :)