Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pizzeria Delfina

It's a lazy Saturday morning over here and I'm just lounging around waiting for the fog to lift. I figured it's the perfect time to tell you about the yummy dinner I had Monday night at Pizzeria Delfina. Their newest location in my Pac Heights 'hood has been open a few months now, and my love of all things thin-crust finally got me over my fear of waiting forever for a table. Yes, folks, even on a Monday there was a wait, but I must say it was pleasant and the guy in charge of getting us all seated was in control, friendly, and generally awesome. Good work, guy. However, even the best service won't overcome bad pizza. Luckily, there was none of that to be found! Let's talk food, shall we?

I started with the tricolore salad (without the parm). As you can see, they take the name very literally. This mix of arugula, endive, and radicchio was beautifully bitter, but also fruity from the olive oil, and tossed with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. I could have used some more veggies, but it was still a good start. Of course, people come here for pizza, not salad. Speaking of which....

I was all set to order a pizza from the menu without cheese, but as soon as I said, "So, I'm vegan..." the waitress interrupted me to inform me that they have a vegan pie! It is a tomato and broccoli rabe pie that you can add any other veggies to. I went with arugula and olives and it was heavenly. The nice chewy crust, complete with slightly burnt edges and puffy air bubbles, was great. All in all this was one solid pizza.

This vegan pizza expert's verdict? Well, if I had to put my Bay Area artisinal pizza joints in order, I'd say Beretta is still the best (the sauce is amazing AND they have vegan cheese), Flour and Water is second (the flavor they get from their veggies is unreal), Pizzeria Picco is third (that crust!) and Delfina is fourth. Don't get me wrong, they are all delicious and I'd eat any one of them again.

Of course, sometimes you want to eat pizza in your pajamas on the couch, and then there's always Amici's to deliver you a Daiya-laden delight. :)

Up next: I get all fancy pants with a vegan high tea. Stay tuned!

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