Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda

I could have watched the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda, like the one above, eat their dinner all day long. Sadly (happily for the gorillas) trackers like myself and the 7 others in my group, are only permitted a one hour stay with the gorilla family. This means that us humans had better find a good place to eat dinner ourselves! Luckily, the Gorilla Forest Camp is a great place not only lay one's head, but to get a decent vegan meal as well. Don't get me wrong, my food in Uganda was not as good as it was elsewhere in Africa, and the chef seems fairly confused by my dietary restrictions, but in the end he made it work. I definitely ate more bread and fruit in Uganda then anywhere else, but there were also salads, rice dishes, and great local tea. Not to mention the curry!

Before batshit crazy Idi Amin kicked them all out of the country, there was a sizable Indian population in Uganda. Luckily for me, they left behind some of their culinary magic. The curries I had in Uganda (like the one at GFC, above), always served with warm chewy chapati, were delicious. Hooray for all the inherently vegan food to be found in cultures around the world!

Up next: Lest you think I've been slacking since being home, I hit a new-to-me pizza joint recently and will tell you all about it....


Bert said...

Very interesting blog. That was quite an Africa trip! Great food photographs too.

Sky said...

Thanks, Bert. I'll be posting more from Africa soon, as Uganda was not the end of the road for us. :)

Glad you enjoy the blog!