Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Art of Almond Butter

Back when I was a raw foodist (approx. 2002-2005) I tried plenty of raw almond butters. I loved the sweet nutty stuff on celery sticks, and still do, but my preferred method today is almond butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. A more sophisticated take on ye olde PB&J. Or even better - dip some dried figs into it. Tastes like PB&J without the bread.

As kind of an almond aficionado, my vote for best raw organic almond butter goes to Artisana. It's creamy, almondy, and with just the right balance of sweetness. Unfortunately, due the the stupidity of the California Almond Board, it is now impossible to get raw almonds in CA as they must all be pasteurized. Ugh. This means Artisana has been sourcing truly raw almonds from Europe and importing. I don't know if what's in my fridge right now is from CA or Europe, but I know it's really good and you should try some.

By the way, Artisana also has a product called Cacao Bliss, which I am afraid to try because I fear I could eat my weight in it on a daily basis. It sounds that good. Follow the link for more details.

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