Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where Else Would I Have My Birthday Dinner?

So, OF COURSE, I went to Millennium for my birthday dinner.  To be clear, this was actually a few days after my birthday, an event which was celebrated at home with all my friends and included a ton of vegan food and cake.  I meant to take pictures.  I failed.  So, instead, here's what I had at Millennium.

Brik Pastry Purse.  This hearty gem was stuffed and floating atop a sea of mushrooms, potatoes, and greens.  Deep savory flavors abound.   Go now and get it before the menu changes, as it does fairly frequently.

My favorite dessert at Millennium is always the Sweet Ending and a scoop of whatever ice cream sounds the best to me in the moment.  This time it was a cacao nib ice cream served alongside a plate of truffles, cookies, and an apple cake that took me by surprise.  I don't normally go for fruity desserts, but this cake was moist and cinnamony and a really nice contrast to all the chocolate.  All the delicious, rich, chocolate.  :)

That about sums it up.  Thanks to Millennium, as always, for providing incredible food and stellar service.  Love that place.  What's next, you ask?  I have family coming into town soon so I'm sure we'll hit up some Bay Area eateries.  Stay tuned!


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