Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Interruption

I know I'm supposed to be blogging about my east coast food experiences, but I had to take a minute and tell you about the meal I had last night at DOSA. The new location on Fillmore is within walking distance, and is absolutely gorgeous. Built green, and more committed to environmentalism than ever, this second incarnation of an already favorite restaurant is just sublime. It's huge, but inviting, and serves up the same delicious menu as its Valencia sister. My meal last night goes in the books as one of the best vegan meals you can eat in this city, hands down. I recommend all people (vegans and others alike) do exactly this:

*Start with the mango and greens salad without the goat cheese. Best salad ever. No exaggeration.
*Move onto the Masala Dosa, done vegan style (without ghee). The spicy rasam and cool coconut chutney are the perfect compliment to the savory and creamy dosa.
*Finish with the deep chocolate sorbet. Nobody would ever think this show-stopper was vegan.
*All of this should be accompanied by a glass or two of the Sula Chenin Blanc.

You will thank me later.
Happy New Year!

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