Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Outrageous Outback

While visiting Ayers Rock, we were lucky enough to stay at Longitude 131. Not only was this resort beautiful and peaceful beyond compare, but the chef at this all-inclusive was happy to prepare us meals to remember. What intrigued us most, right off the bat, was something that came at every meal, along with bread and olive oil - dukkah.

I am not sure how I'd gone my whole life without experiencing this peppery and delicious nut and spice mixture, but I'm so happy to have found it in the Outback. I liked it so much the chef even gave me his recipe. :) We proceeded to gobble up our portion at every meal. Speaking of meals, here are some examples of the creative dishes we were served.

First up, check out this fig carpaccio. I would have never thought to flatten out figs in this way, but it's so pretty, no? Personally, I wasn't a fan of the asparagus pairing, but the balsamic drizzle was nice and I would try this dish at home with some more complimentary veggie. Gotta think on think on that...

We really enjoyed this beauty the chef simply called "The Vegetable Garden". Aptly named, every gorgeous morsel was well-seasoned and the texture contrast between the raw and the roasted made it really fun to eat.

I always love a good risotto, and this one was chock full of mushrooms and veggies and full of flavor. I love when a chef realizes you don't need butter or cheese to make a perfect risotto!

Our favorite dish of our entire stay was definitely this mushroom tasting. On the plate you have a shot of the most intensely flavored mushroom broth ever (a good thing), mushroom puree, mushroom "dirt", sauteed mushrooms, fried mushrooms, and some fresh little enokis and greens on top. Oh, and don't forget the sprinkling of "mushroom ash" over the whole thing. Outstanding. I'm sure it helped that we really love mushrooms, but I think the different textures and intensities of flavor could make a believer out of anyone. This was some high end vegan restaurant food.... in the middle of nowhere Australia. Kudos to the chef!

Up next, some more chefs stretch their limits to please the picky vegans. Hooray!!! :)


Andrew Bellware said...

What's the sauce with the risotto?
Fig with... well why can't it just be fig with the dressing and no paired vegetable? Would that work?

Sky said...

Must. Have. Vegetables! As fo the risotto, he just did what I did at home, subbing chicken stock for veggie stock and subbing butter for olive oil (though at home I actually sub butter for Earth Balance) so the "sauce" is just that liquid.

Now I want risotto. At 10am.

Andrew Bellware said...

Fig with vinaigrette seems, in my mind, to be complex enough. Of course, I'm "tasting" it in my mind so who knows what derangement lurks?
It's the afternoon and I'm going to go get a red bean bun!

Sky said...

Enjoy your bun, baby! I'm off to burlesque it up for 7 hours. Rehearsal. Yay!

Andrew Bellware said...

I am soooo envious. I want a burlesque company for Tyrannosaurus Mouse!

Sky said...

future collabo opp. i'll keep it in mind. :)