Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Call for Bike Basket Pies!

I have been on the Bike Basket Pies mailing list for a long time, and I had heard of their deliciousness from many a friend, but just never bit the bullet and ordered one. This was, in part, because I live on the expensive side of her delivery zone, but then I realized I could just pick them up at Mission Minis, so that excuse was lost. Still, I hesitated.... until I got her last email in which she declared June to be the last month for BBPies! I checked the menu for this week: Asparagus Quiche (tofu/daiya-based) and Ginger Peach. Done and done. I am happy to say I picked up my goods yesterday and had an epic pie dinner.

First up was the savory quiche. Isn't it beautiful? The crust was perfection and the filling divine. Silky smooth tofu seasoned perfectly and chock full of fresh asparagus. I was in heaven and thought it could really get no better, until...

Isn't she pretty? And that's just the top view! See those gorgeous peaches inside just dying to get out and into my belly. Well, let's get a close up.

At this point I was already kicking myself for not having ordered BBPies sooner, but tasting it really put me over the edge. First, that crust! So flaky and moist and amazing. And then, that filling! I thought this would be a tasty peach pie with just a hint of ginger powder or something, but boy was I wrong. There was fresh ginger galore in this baby, and it danced with the peaches all over my tongue in such a delightful way I could hardly stand it. What a sweet and warm and spicy combo! I loved it.... and, as you might imagine, I now wish I had been ordering all along, having gluttonous pie meals every week, all while supporting a great vegan-friendly company in my city. Sigh...

BUT - There are still a view delivery dates before it all goes kaput, you lucky San Franciscans, you! Check HERE and to see if there's a day that works for you and then order away. You will not regret it. Only regret here is not ordering sooner. But, I'll be a bigger person and just wish the pie maven good luck on her next steps in life (with fingers crossed that her pies meet my lips again in the future!).

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