Monday, October 4, 2010

Long Time No Write

Well hello there. Sure has been a while, hasn't it? I guess I've been a bit busy, and blogging has hit the back burner. Rest assured, dear readers, I've still been eating well (I know you were worried). Just haven't been up to the task of writing about it. I guess we all need a break every now and then, right? Right.

That being said, I would like to state some facts about the last few weeks:

1. Vegan options at Out the Door abound and are all delicious.
2. The green salad at Herbivore still rocks my world.
3. Saha continues to produce vegan food that blows my mind.
4. Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant has decent pizzas (though they're not making my Top 5), easily veganized sans cheese.
5. New Ethiopian restaurant, Moya, is the bomb. Fresh flavors and all-teff (read: delicious, tangy and gluten-free!) injera make them my new fave. Check out the fantastic veggie combo:

Even the salad, normally a throw-away at most Ethiopian places, is tasty. Moya rules.

So that's it for now, and I know it was a pretty lame catch up, but fear not. Soon I will be in L.A. and then it's off to NYC, so the eating and photographing shall occur. Stay tuned!


Andrew Bellware said...

But the big question is: how does Moya compare to Makeda? ;-)

Sky said...

So close in terms of flavor.... BUT, the all-teff injera is AMAZING. In short? Moya wins.