Monday, June 7, 2010


My favorite restaurant definitely deserves those exclamation points. Why? Because, once again, kitchen god Eric Tucker delivered up some unique and mouth-watering fare, and I was there to take part. Lucky me. Live vicariously, won't you?

Ok, so this Millennium menu classic is nothing new to me. But, if it ain't broke, right? Crispy little gem lettuce leaves, long strings of carrot, crunchy croutons, and the most drop dead divine vegan Caesar dressing on the planet. I love this salad.

And then there was the entree. I swear I heard angels singing as I put a bite of this seared polenta in my mouth. The downright awesome seitan chorizo was a highlight for me, but the artichokes and beautifully cooked spring veggies were pretty darn wonderful, and the gorgeously bitter escarole made sure every taste bud was hit. Home run dish for sure.

Dessert was a sinfully delicious cherry chocolate torte with (oh my god, yes!) rocky road ice cream. The torte, with its rich chocolate flavor and almond mousse topping was sublime, but I am an ice cream lover through and through, and this rocky road was to die for. Perfect texture and flavor. Pints should be available for take out at all times!

Wait, what? Another dessert? This one was on the house for "liking" Millennium on Facebook. Technically the promotion is for a free appetizer for the table, and we got one of those too (killer fried mushrooms, yum), but since all 4 of us at our table had done the Facebook "liking", they were generous and sent over a free dessert too! This chocolate coffee creme brulee with ice cream and candied orange peel was pure goodness, but the coffee flavor was so strong (in a good way) that I was afraid to keep eating it as caffeine is no friend of mine. Luckily, my table mates had no problem polishing it off.

So, there you have it, another fantastic meal at Millennium. What's next, you ask? Adventure! The husband and I are off to spend a month traveling around Africa. I won't be posting again until mid-July, but rest assured I'll be documenting all the vegan fare I consume, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, have a fantastic summer and, of course, eat well!

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