Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pomelo (Church Street Location)

Much like this restaurant's namesake (above), Pomelo's exterior doesn't do much to let you know how wonderful it is inside. Its mustard-colored walls strewn with the work of local artists, funky lighting, and candlelit tables all make for one comfortable and inviting restaurant. Add to that a menu which makes everyone feel welcome, and you have a real winner in my book.

All of the vegetarian items on Pomelo's menu are clearly marked with a green dot, and many of them are already vegan or can be made so. Last night, I tried out the "otsu" with a side of the "gilroy". Otsu is an old Japanese word (and a town in Japan) with many meanings, but in this case I think they are going for the "tasty" definition. I know all of this because there is a vegan-friendly store in SF called Little Otsu. You can read more about them, and all the definitions for the o-word, on their site. In any case, the otsu at Pomelo is a delicious serving of buckwheat noodles and perfectly cooked tofu with a plethora of cilantro, green onions and spices. Really tasty stuff on its own, but when paired with a side of sauteed bok choy with garlic and chili flake (that'd be the gilroy, not pictured), it is divine. Plus you're getting your greens!

Pomelo is a place I will definitely try again, as it's perfect for eating well with others, and both me and my companion enjoyed our meals a whole lot.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Austin, TX to check out the vegan scene there. I promise to post an update as soon as I can. Eat well until then!

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