Sunday, May 11, 2008


Not too many things in life are as lovely as a leisurely brunch with friends, so when we headed out to meet some folks at Triptych on Saturday morfternoon, (get it? like brunch but with morning and afternoon?? yeah, I'm gifted) I was psyched. I'd wanted to try this place since I pass it a fair amount on my travels about San Francisco and, when I looked it up online, the menu had well-marked vegan items that sounded pretty dang tasty.

After circling the block numerous times looking for a place I could park legally for more than an hour, I finally gave up and just parked as close as I could. The waitress informed me that she's never seen anyone enforce the one hour rule on the weekends, so I settled in to enjoy the company and the food. Everyone was in good spirits, the sun was shining, and when my raspberry mimosa showed up, it brightened my mood ever further. And that was before I'd even had a sip!

The vibrant color and, yes, the alcohol, were enough to keep me satisfied for a while, which was a good thing because we ordered the food, settled into some good conversation... and then we waited. And waited. And, by the time the waitress had refilled everyone's coffees the fourth time, we all agreed the food coming out of that kitchen had be really amazing to warrant such a wait. I should say that about 15 minutes in, the salad that came with my entree did arrive, and it was pretty yummy. A dicing of tomatoes and mangoes and onion, along with a vibrant, though slightly oily dressing, it was a good start. A half an hour later though, when the rest of the food arrived, I was very hungry.

In total it took right around 45 minutes from ordering until we were finally eating - and even then my husband had to wait longer than the rest of us for his pancakes. I have no idea what was going on back there, especially since we were one of only 3 tables with people at them. If the waitress had offered some apologies or understanding, that would have been one thing, but nothing was explained. As I said, I like leisurely brunches, but this was ridiculous.

When the food did come, I must say that we all agreed it was really good. My vegan spring vegetable tagine lacked any real "spring vegetables" and was mostly tomatoes, spinach, chick-peas and tofu, but it was smothered in yummy Moroccan-inspired sauce and drizzled with a rich and creamy tahini. I'd eat it again... next time I have an hour to kill. :) At least I didn't get a ticket on my car!

So, vegans, I'd say skip this one. It's nothing too special. The brunch at Herbivore is off the hook, and it's back to the drawing board for me in my search of a brunch spot for vegans and others alike. I'll keep you posted.

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Joselle said...

Mmmm...Herbivore. I could spend days there, by the looks of their menu.